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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use horses?

Horses are prey animals and are very attuned to their environments. Through their distinct body language, they communicate clear and direct messages. They are social creatures much like humans and have their own defined role within their herd. They are large and powerful and while they may be intimidating to some, they offer wonderful opportunities to overcome fear and life challenges. Horses offer immediate and honest feedback, allowing us to learn from them about our relationships within our own family herd. 

What is Equine Assisted Family Therapy (EAFT)?

Equine assisted psychotherapies have gained increasing recognition over the past decade;Mental health professionals have the flexibility to incorporate their own particular clinical model and apply it within their equine assisted therapy sessions. In collaboration with Dr. Shelley Green, faculty member in the Family Therapy Program at Nova Southeastern University, Stable Place has developed an equine assisted model that is fundamentally informed by the systemic, relational ideas foundational to the field of family therapy. Guided by strength-based, brief therapy traditions, the clinical work provided at Stable Place is focused on helping our clients to identify and utilize their own solutions. We believe our clients are the experts in their own lives, and we seek to connect them with this expertise, serving as consultants and fellow travelers as they explore new and more useful ways of living their lives. Our “family therapy” approach does not change, whether we are working with individuals, couples, families, or groups. We always explore the context and relationships that are relevant in our clients’ lives, and help them to navigate change within their own understanding of what’s best for them.  

What is a solution-oriented approach?

In EAFT we believe that clients have the ability to discover solutions to their problems that will work best for them. Utilizing a strength-based and solution oriented approach; EAFT is client centered and systemic, engaging the family and other resources. 

What does a session look like?

After getting to know you a bit and establishing your therapy goals and needs, you will be asked to engage and participate in activities with the horses. Behaviors, relationship dynamics, feelings and patterns will be processed throughout the session.It is not essential or required to complete the activities successfully. How you complete the task and what meaning you make of it, is what is important in the therapeutic process. 

How much does it cost?

The session cost is based on a few factors: the number of people attending the session, the type of work, and the financial need of the clients.

Our fee for a regular therapy session for an individual or couple is $150/hour. Cost for a family session may vary slightly depending on the number of family members attending. 

Group sessions are priced on an individual basis, taking into account the number of people involved and the duration of the session.  

In addition, we offer scholarships for individuals, couples, and families who are interested in using these services and do not have the ability to pay the full fee. These individuals could be referred directly from a local agency/community partner or could be self-referred. For more information on our fee structure please contact us directly at 954-547-8203 or e-mail

How do I set up a session?

To set up a session or inquire about our program, please call us at 954-547-8203 or email us directly at

What do I wear or bring to an equine therapy session? 

Closed toed shoes (sneakers or boots) are required, as you will be interacting with the horses in the arena. We recommend that you wear comfortable outdoor clothing such as jeans, sweat pants, t-shirt/sweater and a hat depending on the temperature. In case of rainy weather, make sure to bring a raincoat. Finally, it is important to stay hydrated during the session, so we recommend bringing a bottle of water. You may also wish to use sunscreen. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the labor intensive nature of preparing for sessions with horses, it is our policy to request 24 hours notice of cancellation. The session fee will be charged if we do not receive notice that you will not be able to attend.

Please note- sessions take place outside in all types of weather. Work will only be postponed in the event of an electrical storm. Sessions will not be cancelled or postponed due to otherwise inclement weather.

Do you accept donations of horses?

Stable Place has a well-established and flexible herd. Although we are extremely grateful for your support of our program, we are not looking for additional horses at this time. 

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