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Our Mission

Stable Place, Inc., a non-profit organization, is dedicated to enriching and changing the lives of our clients by connecting them with the unique spirit and powerful, honest presence of horses. 

Stable Place is not just a location, an organization or a clinical practice. It is a belief that everyone has within themselves the capacity for growth, healing and maximizing their potential. It is a commitment to seek opportunities for collaboration with institutions and agencies in the community. Our mission is always to welcome participants regardless of their background, experience or ability to pay.

At Stable Place, we recognize and utilize the power of horses to transform relationships. Through our clinical work with children, families, couples, and individuals, we have witnessed such transformations again and again. And through our community events, we have seen children and families move beyond their initial uncertainty and embrace the joy and freedom of being in nature, in the presence of horses.  

Our commitment to bringing the transformative power of equine assisted activities to a wide range of populations and clients has inspired us to establish Stable Place as a non profit institution. Through grants, fundraising and the generous support of donors and sponsors, we are able to offer a limited number of sessions on a sliding fee scale. 

To learn how you can support this important work, contact us at 954-547-8203.

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